Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Witching Waves-Concrete

London based duo Witching Waves have released their latest single, Concrete on Soft Power Records, a superb independent label that is fast becoming one of my favourites.  The lead track is an excellent song that combines fuzzy guitars with a lo-fi post punk sound to make for an enthralling tune.  B-Side has a more intricate, shoegaze feel to it before turning into a high octane rock track that features brilliant boy/girl vocals that bounce off each other to superb effect.

Matt Hill

You can get the single here.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Mark Wynn-No Fun (not that one)

The extremely prolific Mark Wynn is back with yet another album, No Fun (not that one), that keeps up to the high standards of his previous material.  The record also takes on the chaotic brand of folk/punk that Wynn does so well.

After a brief intro the album kicks off with the title track which is a nice, jaunty number that sets the tone for the record.  The enigmatic Knee Socks has a slight country intro before developing into one of the more understated moments of the album.  Despite being the shortest track on the record, Lipstick is a riotous piece of true brilliance.  No Fun (not that one) is another excellent album from Mark Wynn who just seems to get better and better as well as producing record at an increasingly rapid rate.

Matt Hill

You can get the album here.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Chain And The Gang-Minimum Rock N Roll

Minimum Rock N Roll is the fourth album from Chain And The Gang as well as being their first on the Fortuna Pop label.  The band are led by the enigmatic Ian Svenonius formerly of bands such as Nation Of Ulysses and The Make-Up.

This is a fantastic album full of excellent old school rock n roll topped off with boy/girl vocals that work superbly and loads of scuzzy guitars.  Most of the songs are short, sharp burst of energetic rock music as can be heard on the excellent opener, Devitalize.  Tracks like Fairy Dust and What Are You In Here For particularly stand out amongst a plethora of other fine tunes.  I was totally unaware of Chain And The Gang before hearing this truly exciting record and it has certainly made sure that I will look out for their Name in the future. 

Matt Hill

You can get the album here.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Ceiling Demons-Someone Great

Yorkshire based hip hop act Ceiling Demons follow up their fantastic debut album, Dual Sides with yet another superb track in the form of Someone Great.  This track is led by an understated piano loop which is accompanied by some highly accomplished and insightful lyrics.  Ceiling Demons have also shown that they can produce excellent tunes at a variety of tempos and moods which only leaves me looking forward to hearing further material from them.

Matt Hill

You can hear the track here.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Benjamin Shaw-Goodbye, Cagoule World


Goodbye, Cagoule World is the latest album from singer/songwriter Benjamin Shaw and has been release on the excellent Audio Antihero.  Shaw now resides in London after being born in Canada and raised in Blackpool, an interesting combination to say the least.

This melancholic album comes together superbly as a single piece of music coming in at just under thirty minutes as well as the named seven individual tracks.  Shaw really does stretch his talents to convey a plethora of emotions and this added to the understated fuzziness of the album really does make for superb listening.  It would be unfair of me to pick out stand out tracks on this sublime album full of intriguing soundscapes as the whole thing is an absolute joy to hear and needs to be appreciated as a whole.  After the listener on a mesmeric journey Shaw brings everything to a conclusion with the title track that simply leaves 
you yearning for more.

Matt Hill

You can get the album here.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Horse Thief-Fear In Bliss

Oklahoma based quintet have released their stunning debut album, Fear In Bliss, courtesy of the Bella Union label.   This fantastic record is full of uplifting anthems as well as fusing genres like psychedelia and folk together to make for something really special. 

Opening track I Don’t Mind really sets the scene for a mesmerising album with its understated tones that are superbly driven along by some resounding beats.  The excellent Holding On shows more of the folky side of Horse Thief and shows how the band can easily vary the pace of their songs.  Let Go has a wonderful intro before developing into a tune that really wants to make you move your feet as well as being a particular stand out moment of the album.  Fear In Bliss is drawn to a conclusion by the blissful Warm Regards, summing a up a really high quality record. 

Matt Hill

You can get the album here.